Arnold Schwarzenegger Film Projects: Terminated!

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is "taking a break" from his newly resuscitated film career.

As Vanity Fair put it this morning, this is one instance in which a politician is probably not using “spend more time with my family” in a euphemistic sense.

Schwarzenegger Pic

The ex-California Governor officially put his Hollywood comeback on hold as he braces for a costly divorce and the emotional fallout from revelations that he had an affair and child with a former housekeeper, Mildred Patricia Baena.

The former Terminator star told his talent agency to postpone all his movie projects that are currently under way or being negotiated until further notice.

"Gov. Schwarzenegger is focusing on personal matters and is not willing to commit to any production schedules or timelines," the statement said.

Instead of another film, the actor could be starring in a big-money divorce from Maria Shriver in a case that will stand out even in Los Angeles.

Shriver, the Kennedy heiress and former network TV anchor, stands to cash in BIG TIME financially, according to prominent divorce attorneys.

Although California is a no-fault divorce state, meaning her husband's acknowledged philandering technically can't be used against him in court, the reality, attorneys say, is that it will be, subconsciously or otherwise.

"Every judge would know about what happened, and I think would hold it against him," said one prominent attorney not involved in the case. "Judges are human beings, and Maria will definitely be the sympathetic spouse."

Based on his experience, Nachshin said, Shriver should expect to receive at least $100,000 a month in spousal support and, with three children under the age of 18, probably another $40,000 or more a month in child support.

Shriver has hired Laura Wasser to represent her, but has not yet filed for divorce. Some reports have even suggested she is STILL torn, but given that she was reportedly unhappy long before this, it's hard to imagine her not doing so.

As if impregnating a woman who worked for the family for 20 years and keeping the affair and paternity secret for 14 years weren't bad enough, it likely wasn't his only affair. Gigi Goyette says Arnold also cheated with her.