Sade Anding, Ex-Girlfriend of Dr. Conrad Murray, Raises MJ Death Timeline Questions

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Sade Anding, who dated Dr. Conrad Murray at the time of Michael Jackson's death, recalls speaking to the doctor on that fateful day in June 2009.

Her recollection? Not exactly what he told the cops.

Sade says she knew something was wrong with MJ at the start of a telephone call he made to her that day, completing contradicting Murray's story.

Anding told Good Morning America that Murray called her "out of the blue" and from the beginning of the call, "didn't sound like himself at all."

She claims she asked what was wrong, he only replied, "Well ..."

Always a good sign. Then Sade claims Murray stopped talking, and that she could hear someone "coughing" followed by a mumbling of voices.

Facing involuntary manslaughter charges, Murray has given law enforcement a very different account of the Michael Jackson death timeline.

Dr. Conrad Murray is expected to claim he left the room briefly to use the bathroom, made a phone call and returned to find MJ in dire straits.

While the singer's personal physician was administering the drug Propofol, he'll presumably argue that MJ gave himself the lethal dose then.

Murray says he dropped the phone immediately when he realized something was amiss, but Sade Anding's story suggests the opposite.

Prosecutors believe Murray may have known there was a problem earlier than he claims, and may have used the time to cover his tracks.

He pleaded not guilty to all charges. His trial begins later this year.

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