Charlie Sheen, Special Guests Rock NYC

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Forget Carmelo Anthony. It turns out Charlie Sheen is the best rebounder in New York.

Following a disastrous performance at Radio City Music Hall Friday evening, the actor returned to the same venue on Saturday and told an enthusiastic crowd: "Friday night got a little f*cking hijacked because I let people get into my magic f**king brain."

Well, sure. That happens to all of us.

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Sheen chucked his script from the outset and roamed around the audience a bit throughout the show. He also welcomed a pair of random, special guests on to the stage:

  1. Former baseball player Darryl Strawberry.
  2. Inside the Actors' Studio host James Lipton.

The latter even asked Charlie one of the questions he poses to guests at the conclusion of every episode: What's your favorite curse word? Sheen's response: "Either f*ck or Denise."

Okay. That's pretty funny.

Other tidbits from the night include:
  • Sheen admitting Chuck Lorre "doesn't completely suck" and saying he wants to return to Two and a Half Men. Even claims he'll write the sitcom an apology.
  • Sheen seeing an ex-girlfriend in the crowd and giving her a kiss.
  • Sheen apologizing for every saying Jon Cryer was a troll.
  • Sheen uttering these mysterious words near the end of the performance: "I discovered crack and the internet in the same weekend. Thanks, Al Gore."

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