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Chris Brown is in the clear, at least legally, after his absurd meltdown behind the scenes of Good Morning America Tuesday morning. No charges will be filed.

ABC has decided NOT to pursue a criminal case against Brown, and the NYPD will not investigate the matter if there is no complaining victim. So he’s good.

Brown, who’s on probation for beating up Rihanna (this is a fact, fans, not an attempt to tarnish his image), could’ve been in deep if charges were pressed.

Off the air, Chris Brown apparently went OFF.

Without a criminal complaint, a judge won’t rule that Chris – by all accounts a fine example of the corrections system, prior to the melee – violated probation.

No word if Chris will pay for the broken window he allegedly smashed with a chair before storming off shirtless, but it wouldn’t be a bad move on his part.

He might want to throw in a nice fruit basket for Robin Roberts, especially since he approved her questions about Rihanna BEFORE freaking the f*%k out.

Wait … sorry. He was AMBUSHED by her, according to some fans who somehow ignore the fact that he smashed a WINDOW and stormed off shirtless.

What do you think? Are you on Chris’ side here?

[Photo: ABC]