Ashley Hebert: Getting to Know The Bachelorette

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Rejected by Brad Womack, 26-year-old Ashley Hebert has been confirmed as the next Bachelorette, with her season set to kick off Monday, May 23.

As the third-place finisher on The Bachelor (Brad chose Emily Maynard over Chantal O'Brien on the finale), Ashley is certainly a worthy candidate.

How They Tricked Her

We grew familiar with the cutie over the past few months, but now that she's about to call the shots, here are some things to know about her ...

She's a fourth-year grad student at the University of Pennsylvania, who will return to school after The Bachelorette and finish dental school this fall.

She's ready for love: "I feel like this season taught me so much about myself," Ashley Hebert said of The Bachelor. "It primed me for a relationship."

"I'm ready to meet 25 new guys. Bring 'em on!"

She has one tattoo on her inner right wrist.

She's from Madawaska, Maine, where she once worked as a dance instructor. Growing up on the Canadian border, she understands, but can't speak French.

She's a romantic: "I watch all the movies, think about ideal romantic dates and am very hopeful for extreme romance to enter my life."

She's making up for lost time: Ashley told Jimmy Kimmel that she's only been on about five real dates since she's been at Penn. Five.

She got a makeover: Seriously, her hair looks completely different!

What do you think? Are you excited for Ashley as The Bachelorette?

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