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The Parents Television Council is taking its anti-Skins crusade to a new level this week, urging members to contact their state attorneys general about it.

Specifically, the PTC alleges that the MTV show and the satellite providers that air it may be in violation of child pornography laws. Yes, we’re serious.

The news comes as more and more advertisers distance themselves from the show and the third episode garnered only 1.5 million viewers Monday.

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SKINS IN DEEP: The PTC may be the last of its issues. Ratings suck.

But an MTV spokesperson says all 10 episodes of the show will air this season, and despite rumors to the contrary, it will not cancel the controversial show.

The show’s creator also defended it, telling critics that the truth hurts.

His claims that Skins is an honest, important look at teen life haven’t exactly deterred efforts from some groups, namely the PTC, to bring about its end.

“It is unfortunate that we have reached the point of having to call for a criminal investigation into the [show’s] production,” said PTC President Tim Winter.

“As if the blatant teen drug and alcohol abuse on Skins isn’t enough, the fact that MTV allegedly considered whether its program might have violated child pornography laws – and then went ahead and aired it anyway – is beyond repulsive.”

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