Michelle Money Brings the Crazy to Ellen

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In Michelle Money's defense, she seems a lot less crazy on Ellen today than on The Bachelor. But she still admits she has a screw loose or several.

The Bachelor's latest castoff sat down with the host today to talk about how she was portrayed, who she thinks Brad proposes to and much more.

Tenley and Jake

Amusingly, Ellen gets her to admit she's crazy ... if only just "a little."

"You do a show like this, you know there's editing," Ellen said. "You maybe say "Hey, that's not who I was." Do you look at that and go "That's not who I was?"

Her response: "Yeah, for the most part. It's definitely part of who I am. I'm assertive and a go-getter but there are many sides of me that weren't shown."

The "assertive go-getter" part was definitely on display during her Swimsuit Issue mauling of Brad Womack, which ultimately led him to cut her loose.

But despite this week's Bachelor episode being her last, Michelle says there are no hard feelings, and wishes Brad the best with his true love, who is ...

"Emily," Money said when Ellen asked who Brad's heart was with. "Obviously at the end of the day, I did want a rose but he just wasn't that into me."

"What else can I say? I wished him the very best. I think the world of him. Brad is an amazing man. I just said anyone here is lucky to be with you."

Michelle notes that despite her anticlimactic, sudden departure from the show as seen on ABC, she and Brad actually had "a good conversation."

"I got my closure. We said really great things to each other," she said, which we do believe, as airing this would have shown her non-crazy side.

But there is a crazy side to Michelle Money, don't get us wrong.

"I like that about you, that you're straight up. But you seemed a little crazy," Ellen said, to which Michelle said the creepy music was largely to blame.

"No. The crazy music gives us an indication. Here it comes. Crazy," Ellen said.

"That's the truth," she confessed. "There's a little bit of crazy in me."

Who do you want to win The Bachelor with Michelle gone?

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