Camille Grammer: It's a New Journey!

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Camille Grammer is not going anywhere. The self-centered Real Housewife will guest star on $#*! My Dad Says tomorrow night, and will clearly return to the Bravo series that made her famous next season.

As for life after ex-husband Kelsey? Camille refers to it as a "new journey" in an interview with E! News. Read what else the spoiled, awful reality star had to say in the following excerpts.

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What's next?
Everything! It's a new journey. My divorce is finalized... I'm working on my children. I'm really focusing on the kids and what's next in my life, simplifying my life and making sure my kids are happy.

Will she remain in Los Angeles?
I want to stay in L.A. I've been here for 14 years. I love it here, I have friends here, and my children have grown up here. They're so young, but my daughter has established her friends, and she's very happy in the school she's in, and I don't want to uproot her life.

Does she know who will return to the show next season?
I don't know who is leaving or staying at this point. They keep that separate from us.

Does she want to get into acting?
I don't think there's any grand plan; this just came up. I studied acting years ago; it was kind of a dream I had years ago, but I gave that up when I got married and had children. I'm not pursuing this. I definitely have to go back and take some acting classes if I was! But I have to say, my experience was very enjoyable and of course it would be something I would love to do. It's so much fun to work with such talented people and be involved in the creative process.