Brooke Mueller to Go Dancing With the Stars?

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Brooke Mueller is in talks to join the next cast of Dancing With The Stars, reports say, although Charlie Sheen's estranged wife has yet to receive a formal offer.

"Brooke's agent and the Dancing producers are in talks about her competing," said a source close to the situation. "No official offer has been made yet."

"Brooke is a huge fan, and would probably agree given the opportunity."


Mueller, who recently checked into a sober living facility, has one caveat: "To make sure if she does go on the show it won't adversely effect her sobriety."

"She is working hard at staying sober, and is committed to her recovery."

Charlie Sheen? We're going to guess not quite as committed to getting his act together, given the bizarre statement he issued to E! News last night.

But "Brooke doesn't want anything to derail [her sobriety]," the source adds. "It could be a welcome distraction for her to go on the show though."

Distraction from what?!?! "Every time there is a scandal involving her soon to be ex-hubby, she remembers the dark days after the Aspen incident."

Ah yes, the 2009 Christmas melee. Charlie Sheen's dalliances with porn, drugs and the law are becoming so numerous, we almost forget that one.

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