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Proving she’s a corporate drone first and a singer second, Britney Spears Inc. made $500,000 for product placements in her “Hold It Against Me” video.

This isn’t to say that product placement is unique to Britney, but it seems like she’s more about the marketing and less about the music these days.

The most obvious example in the video is Plentyoffish (dot) com, an online dating site that coughed up “a couple hundred thousand” to be featured …

Would you hold it against her for making her video a giant ad?

Of course, they saw immediate results, to the tune of a 20 percent spike in traffic the day after the Britney Spears music video premiered.

That was far from the only such case, too. Check out the video after the jump and see how many blatant product shots you can spot …

Britney Spears - Hold It Against Me (Official Video)