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Walking contradiction Bristol Palin, a teen mom who now advocates for abstinence, says she shuns the spotlight, only to give an all-access interview to E! News.

Bristol opened up to Guiliana Rancic about new BF, Gino Paoletti, her old BF, Levi Johnston; her political aspirations (as well as her mom’s) and much more.

Excerpts and video clips below …

Bristol Palin For President?

On Sarah Palin’s presidential hopes: “I think she would be a wonderful president, and I think she should run. She’s so common-sense conservative.”

“She brings a whole ‘nother aspect to politics because she’s a mom, because she runs a household, and I just think she’s really smart.”

On her own aspirations to run for office: “If I saw something that needed to be changed, I would step up to the plate and do something about it.”

On the “haters” who try to keep her family down: “I feel like for every one or two haters out there, there are 20 more people that support us.”

“So it doesn’t really affect me when people say negative things about me or my family, but I just hope that nobody else has to go through that.”

“If people are going to talk about us, then they are going to talk about us no matter what we are doing, and as long as we know we are doing something good and doing something right, then it will be OK. I’m not worried about it.”
Bristol Palin For President?

On when being in the spotlight got to her: “I remember breaking down when Levi and I broke up. Just with the things that they were saying then.”

“That is the only time I have ever broken down about it. My family is so close-knit, and we do have thick skin and let everything just roll off our backs.”

“So it doesn’t really affect us at all.”

On new beau Gino Paoletti: “He’s great. He’s awesome with Tripp and we’ve been really good friends for a long time, and he’s just a really good guy.”

[THG NOTE: Mercede Johnston may beg to differ]

“He’s a good guy. A family guy. He’s a Christian. We have the same religious beliefs and our families both come first in our lives, and we just have a lot in common. He loves Tripp and he’s just awesome to be around.”

On having more kids: “I’m taking it really slow. I don’t want another relationship that’s out in the public eye like mine and Levi’s was. So, it’s definitely going to go slow. I’m not in a rush to get married or anything like that.”

“We’re only 20 and we’re just having a good time right now.”

Bristol Palin For President?