Angelina Pivarnick and Dave Kovacs: Already Over?

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It looks like Angelina Pivarnick's fiance is already poised to lave her a$$ amid reports that she's also nailing some guy named Ivan out on Staten Island.

The Jersey Shore star got engaged to David Kovacs last week in what was a very public engagement on the red carpet during New York Fashion Week.

Everyone thought there was no way in hell it was meant to last. But just hours after his proposal, he was referring to her as "a bad evil person." Why?

Angelina Pivarnick, Fiance

The engagement is nothing more than a "publicity stunt," a Kovacs source said, noting that David was involved, but that he got screwed just the same.

Kovacs loves Jersey Shore and assumes the producers are going to want Angelina back (don't hold your breath), and that he'll be brought on as well.

But, "Angelina is also seeing this guy Ivan, a firefighter from Staten Island," and her recent actions on Twitter have left Dave feeling hung out to dry:

"The day she got engaged to Dave, she put photos of herself and Ivan on Twitter with their shirts pulled up, leaning against each other in his room."

Angelina told pals that she wants it to appear that she's living in Manhattan so she says she lives with Dave and drives his Porsche, the source says.

But in reality, she's out on Staten Island hooking up with Ivan.

The source also explains that Dave had a "panic attack" after proposing that's why he was texting people calling Angelina "a bad evil person."

Despite the love triangle, Angelina is on board for the engagement because she thinks it will score her a new reality show. But will he go along?

Call us crazy, but we're skeptical, at least for now: "They aren't even friends on Facebook. The whole thing is weird," the source says.

That's putting it mildly.

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