Teen Moan: Vivid Makes Pitch to Amber Portwood

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Vivid Entertainment took a brief time out from courting Octomom to offer another troubled star financial relief via a career in porn. It's what they do.

The adult film kingpin, helmed by CEO Steve Hirsch, is in talks Amber Portwood. Teen Mom ruined her life, she says. Now Vivid wants to save it.

Amber Screams

“We’d very much like to work with Amber and to accommodate her any way we can,” Hirsch said. Hopefully he throws in some Red Bull and vodka.

Amber Portwood, porn star? Don't rule it out.

It’s been an expensive year for Amber. She's facing two felony counts and one misdemeanor in conjunction with beating her baby daddy on Teen Mom.

The deal with Vivid is estimated to be worth $500,000 and would give newly single Amber a way to pay her legal bills. It would also be kinky as $hit!

Come on. Is there a more pleasurable way to earn enough for a five-year supply of Wal-Mart clothes, cheap spray tanner and bail money, all in just a few hours?

We think not. Just don't cast Gary Shirley as her co-star, Vivid. Please.


Amber Portwood Biography

Amber and Leah (Teen Mom)
Amber Portwood is a star on MTV's Teen Mom. She is the mother of Leah Leann Shirley, whose father is Gary Shirley, Amber's on-off fiance... More »
Anderson, Indiana
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Amber Portwood