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While the celebrity gossip world continues to debate Miley Cyrus and her smoking of salvia – Bill O’Reilly finds it “pathetic,” Dr. Drew says she needs help and Melissa Gilbert thinks Miley leaked the video herself – what is the 18-year old at the center of this controversy up to?


Miley is in New Orleans shooting So Undercover, a film that will find her infiltrating a college sorority as a FBI-hired investigator. Sources tell E! News that Cyrus received a surprising visitor on set the other day.

Miley Cyrus Bong Video

Anna Oliver, the friend who reportedly filmed the video above, paid her pal a visit. They got along okay, but “then Miley told her she had to go back home because she needs to focus on the movie,” an insider said.

Overall, how is Cyrus coping with the controversy?

A source in Louisiana says the actress is “very committed to the movie” and is “trying to turn things around.”

“She’s working out in the gym for two and a half hours a day and hasn’t partied at all,” this insider tells E!. “She’s embarrassed by what has happened. She’s very regretful about what she did and about it getting out.”

Tish Cyrus has also been spotted around the set with her daughter, while friends say So Undercover co-star Kelly Osbourne has been there a lot for the 18-year old.

“Kelly has been through a lot herself and is being a really good friend for her,” says the source.