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Come on Star.

At least the recent cover story about how Jason Trawick abused Britney Spears had shock value, even if it was lacking in some areas (namely facts).

Same with the new story about someone getting Amber Portwood pregnant. Unconfirmed, but certainly eye-opening … and more or less believable.

But Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise on the rocks for the 47th time? Yawn. 

Tom Cruise in 2015

The worst part? Star can’t even get its verb tenses straight.

First of all, you know it’s not true. Second, TomKat is sooo 2008.

Also, hack tabloid editors, they can’t be SEPARATED if she hasn’t even left him yet, which the sub-heading implies by saying she’s “leaving” Tom. Weak.

If you’ve got the goods on a Teen Mom pregnancy scandal AND the Miley Cyrus bong video (and the latter actually exists!), why not lead with those instead?

Pick it up, guys. You’re capable of so much better.