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Kesley Grammer really wants to be married. Just not to Camille Grammer.

The actor has asked a judge to hurry up and complete his divorce from the Real Housewife of Beverly Hills because he wants to gets hitched once again, this time to 29-year old Kaye Walsh.

The former sitcom star has asked a Los Angeles court for “bifurcation,” which means a divorce can be finalized within six months of filing, with all financial issues left to be settled at a later date.

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If the judge agrees, Kesley can marry Walsh as soon as 1/1/11.

Says a friend of Camille’s, in response to the actor’s latest maneuver: Camille “is not surprised, but continues to be disappointed at Kelsey’s immature and disrespectful behavior.”

Whenever money is on the table, though, Mrs. Grammer will do quite well for herself. She and Kesley did NOT sign a prenuptial agreement and, under California law, all earnings are split 50/50.

This means Camille will likely walk away with at least $50 million, a lot of which is tied up in properties across the country, from Hawaii to The Hamptons.