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They may have little in common besides being outcasts, but Angelina from Jersey Shore and Rated R from The Bachelorette have apparently hit it off.

The infamous pair has found comfort in the arms of one another while in Las Vegas recently and are now a thing! Angelina Pivarnick says so herself!

“We spent the night in Vegas at ARIA on the 26th floor, it was amazing,” Angelina told Radar Online, noting that “Justin contacted me on Twitter.”

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Talk about a couple of Z-listers who deserve each other.

“I was so excited because I always thought he was hot. I’ve had a crush on him ever since he was on The Bachelorette. He was even cuter in person.”

Lightning rod Angelina, who says she was bullied on Jersey Shore, is persona non grata among the show’s cast and pretty much everywhere else.

Girl gets drinks thrown at her at bars and even got jumped at Hot Topic recently. It’s hard with all the haters. Fortunately, Justin Rego can relate.

His ex-girlfriends have spoken publicly about his unsavory past behavior and he’s been referred to as a “three-timing douche.” Pretty accurate.

But Angelina sees the good in Justin and is giving him a chance. “He’s a good guy who got into a bad situation, just like I did,” Angelina said.

Right … just a case of wrong place, wrong time. Their spectacular reality TV flameouts had nothing to do with their own actions whatsoever.

“We kind of just found each other and I felt an immediate connection,” Angelina Pivarnick says. Wonder if she mentioned she doesn’t put out.

Somewhere, Jose is shaking his head.