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Stop the presses.

We hope you’re sitting down, because In Touch is about to drop a BOMB on you. Katie Holmes is not only sleeping in the guest room, she’s on birth control!

After four years of marriage and only one child, one would kind of assume that, but hey. As for moving into the guest room, how would they possibly … you know what, forget it. Just prepared to be shocked and awed by nothing:

Tom Cruise in 2015

For a supposed bombshell, this looks like a non-story.

Come on, ITW. With all the real (Teen Mom) and surreal (Brangelina) news potential out there, we’d think you could do better than this snoozefest.

We expect much better next week. At least give us some alleged sexual Tomfoolery on the Mission: Impossible 4 set if you’re going the Katie route.