Bristol Palin Works Her Butt Off!

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Despite mediocre performances all season, Bristol Palin has made it to the final four on Dancing With the Stars, and might not even be done this week.

"I can't believe it's been three months already," she said. Heading into tonight's waltz and paso doble double-dip, she says "I'm pretty confident now."

That confidence should come in handy this week, when the Pistol and partner Mark Ballas perform routines she describes as fierce and "pretty sexy."

The challenge, she admits, is that "I'm not a sexy girl."

Bristol Palin Shakes It

OOH, YEAH! Mark Ballas likes what he's seen from Bristol Palin so far.

"I work my butt off," she adds, dismissing any conspiracy theories surrounding her unexpectedly long run on the show, saying it's all about effort.

Besides, for every voter that would vote for her because she's her mother's daughter, "Think about all the people who hate my mom!" she said.

That's a fair point.

As for the obligatory romance rumors that engulf any Dancing With the Stars tandem, Bristol Palin says she and Mark Ballas are purely friends.

"Nothing with Mark," she said. "He's like a friend."

As for other potential suitors, Bristol says she has "no time" for dating right now, especially after the way her last serious relationship ended.

"I think he is misguided," she said of Levi Johnston and plans to run for mayor of Wasilla. "But at least he's going to finish his education."

Does she still have feelings for him? Any at all.

"No! We broke up after Tripp was born. I'm over it," she said, apparently forgetting that she got re-engaged to Levi earlier this year, only to call it off a few weeks later. "I'm a single mom. I've moved on, I have a wonderful life."

Anyway, here's a clip of Bristol's talk with E! News ...

Who are you rooting for on DWTS?

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