A Royal Wedding Date: Coming Soon!

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A few days after their engagement was made official, more details and rumors are coming out regarding the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

For example: Phillipa Lepley is the leading candidate to design Kate's dress.

But the most pressing question of all remains unanswered: When will these two walk down the royal, expensive aisle?

Royal Eye Gazing

No date has been announced, but multiple sources confirm there's a good chance the nuptials take place in late April.

"There is a date they have in mind, and it's a case of working it out with the relevant parties," a spokesman said.

But why April? A couple of reasons stand out:
  1. It would be well ahead of polo season, a sport in which William participates.
  2. It would take place after Easter and the preceding period of Lent, which the Queen seriously observes.

As for Middleton's life these days, she continues to meet with senior staffers. They're helping her settle into the unique, specialized atmosphere or royal life/protocol. Says an insider, making a major understatement:

"She will have all sorts of preparations in the run-up to the wedding."

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