Natalie Mejia Escapes Jail For Cocaine Bust

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Girlicious star and one-time rumored Chris Brown lover Natalie Mejia just pled guilty to traveling with a Gucci purse full of cocaine, but will avoid jail if she stays clean.

Mejia was arrested in Glendale, Calif., after the cops found more than a dozen bags of blow in her purse during a traffic stop. That's generally not a good thing legally.

Nat finally pleaded guilty to felony drug possession charges in L.A. County Superior Court, but the judgment was deferred, a huge break for the pseudo-celebrity.

Natalie Mejia Mug Shot

GIRLICIOUS BOOKING PHOTO: If she manages to stay clear of legal problems for 18 months, the charge will be erased. If not ... more celebrity mug shots for us!

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