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Friday, Shery Shabani and David Beckham denied that they had an affair.

Her husband, Joseph Shabani, isn’t on the same page whatsoever.

Joseph, who allegedly tried to run Beckham off the road after claiming the star had a fling with his wife, is speaking out. “I believe she had an affair,” he says.

David and Victoria Beckham at the Royal Wedding

BIT OF A STRETCH: Are you buying reports of Becks’ infidelity?

Shery Shabani, a Beverly Hills mother-of-two, claimed Joseph, also known as Kambiz, tried to run Becks off the road outside their children’s school over the tryst.

A tryst that she and David, who’s also been linked to hooker Irma Nici, insist never happened. Joseph says it did in a court filing, though he does not name Becks.

Joseph wrote: “Petitioner (Shery) and I have been experiencing marital troubles for many months, due to my belief that Petitioner (Shery) has had an affair.”

However, the rumor emerged for a reason – Shery herself named David Beckham personally in her divorce filing from Joseph, her husband of 12-plus years.

In her original declaration to court, Shery alleged Joseph told the couple’s children, Taylor, 10, and Tye, 7, how their mother had cheated on their father.

He made “degrading statements” to her, about the affair. Joseph said: “I did not accuse Petitioner of having an affair while the children were in the room.”

The millionaire lawyer added, “Moreover, at no time were our children in the room when she and I argued, especially when I spoke to her about her affair.”

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