Crazy Bum Rushes Field, Confronts Alex Rodriguez About Cameron Diaz Relationship

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While the New York Yankees were in the process of getting mauled again by the Texas Rangers in the American League Championship Series, Brooklyn resident Grim LeRogue stormed the field and added insult to injury for Alex Rodriguez.

Yes, that's actually the guy's name.

Grim went LeRogue all right, rushing the field at Yankee Stadium Monday with dreams of confronting A-Rod over his relationship with Cameron Diaz. Really.

CAMEROD: Enough to drive a man insane.

LeRogue made a mad dash for the baseball star while carrying Alex Rodriguez pictures. One of them was of Rodriguez with an X over his face that read.

Like any sane person, he wrote the message, "You have to go bud, you've ruined too many of our white queens." Idiot. The Yankees play in the Bronx.

He also had a shot of Cameron Diaz with the message: "We will be together soon." We'd call the prospects of that happening ... wait, wait for it ... Grim.

Follow the jump for a video of Grim wreaking havoc on the field ...

Rodriguez and Diaz have been quietly dating for months. He previously dated actress Kate Hudson and Madonna after divorcing wife Cynthia Rodriguez.

LaRogue was also holding an image of Osama bin Laden with the inscription, "I will serve you," in addition to pictures of Whitney Houston. Obviously.

He captioned the Houston pic "Whitney Bin Laden," and on a photo of Houston's ex, Bobby Brown, he wrote, "You need to be terminated." You tell him!

LeRogue was later charged with assault and interfering with a sporting event and taken to Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx for a psychiatric evaluation.

"I just can't believe this," LaRogue's mother, Cathy said.

"He drank in his day when he was younger, he's not like this saintly kid, but he's 33 years old now, so give me a break." Indeed, Cathy. Indeed ...

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