Bringing Back Brad Womack: Chris Harrison Speaks on Controversial Bachelor Call

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Bachelor host-pimp Chris Harrison has a lot of explaining to do.

With Brad Womack back for a second stint as The Bachelor, having notoriously nixed both DeAnna Pappas and Jenni Croft on the Season 11 finale, members of the show's fan base are skeptical at best, and up in arms at worst.

Harrison told TV Guide why we should give him a shot, though:

Hot Brad Womack

On the idea coming to fruition: "Brad called us [a year ago] wanting to come back and our reaction was: We're not sure it's right. [But] we didn't blow him off."

"At the same time, producers talking to Brad said, "This guy is for real, we believe in him." The timing seemed perfect. It's not going to be Chris L. What do we do?"

On why Chris Lambton isn't the guy: "Ali's season ended phenomenally with Chris L. as the No. 2 guy and our immediate thought was that Chris L.'s the guy."

"The more he kept thinking about it, he realized he wasn't going to be right for it. A great guy, which Chris Lambton is, doesn't necessarily make a great bachelor."

"I think he realized it, we realized it, and we [went] our separate ways."

On another candidate from last season, Ty: "It needed to be Chris. He's not going to do it so it's like, 'You asked for it, you got it, it's ... Ty.' Didn't feel right."

On Brad's second shot being better: "The opportunity was there to do something different and that's what Brad was. He's a good guy and I want to believe that he has absolutely changed and is ready to come back and do this."

"It's really hard to say you've changed and it took awhile for us to believe him and I know it'll take time for viewers to believe him. But I think you'll quickly see he's very different. He's more emotional, he wears his heart on his sleeve."

"I also love that the women didn't know Brad was The Bachelor, but as soon as they come in, they know. They were skeptical. They put him on the spot and he admits in the first episode, "I was a jerk." He screwed up and he knows that."

This Time, I'll Find a Wife

Is Brad Womack serious this time?

On worries of alienating fans: "Every Monday I'm sleepless before I get up Tuesday and find that the same people that watched [last week] are back again."

"You can never take for granted that people are going to watch; the moment you do, you're dead. Even though there is some backlash to this decision, there is still a lot of interest. It's been one of the most talked-about decisions we've made."

"Some of that, maybe even the majority right now, is negative and against it or at least skeptical of him, but if we had gone with a real estate agent from New Mexico?"

"Would anyone have cared? As much as people will scream and say, 'I'm never watching again,' people are going to show up to sample what this guy is all about. Then it's up to Brad and the producers to create a good show and draw you in."

On why Brad wanted to come back: "He went into this three years ago believing he was that guy and ready to go. It wasn't until he realized later [he] was not ready to fall in love. Now he's come back and he is ready to be that guy."

On his final plea to tune in: "He knows he not only has to prove himself to the women, he has to prove himself to America. And if he lets us down again, I promise I will hold him down while you stomp on him with your high heels."

What do you think of The Bachelor bringing back Brad Womack?

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