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Don’t worry, Robsten fans: a bushy beard has not prevented Robert Pattinson from nuzzling close to Kristen Stewart.

The couple was spotted at Soho House in West Hollywood on Saturday night, as a witness told E! News the pair was in serious danger of a citation from the PDA police:

“They were staring at each other throughout dinner and kept stealing quick kisses from one another during the night. Rob’s arm was around her for most of dinner and they kept looking at each other and giggling throughout the evening. They are definitely into each other.”

Doesn’t sound like a relationship in trouble, does it?

Stewart recently finished filming On the Road in New Orleans, while Pattinson flew in from London to spend time with his gal pal.

“They were by each other’s sides the entire  night,” said the onlooker. “After dinner, Rob, Kristen and their friends moved to the patio where the group was smoking and the guys were drinking. Everyone was laughing and having a good time together, but you could tell Rob was doting on Kristen and making sure she was comfortable. They were next to each other everywhere the group went.”

That will remain the case going forward, as shooting on Breaking Dawn will soon get underway. The film is scheduled for a November 2011 release.

** UPDATE: Okay, well, Rob shaved his beard prior to this meal. But the rest of the story is all true!