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When the most influential man in the world speaks, people take notice. Especially when he interviews the President of the United States on Comedy Central!

If people assumed Jon Stewart would treat us to a Barack Obama love-fest during a chat with the Commander-in-Chief last night, it wasn’t entirely the case.

Smooth as ever, Obama discussed how things have progressed nicely the last two years, with health care and financial reform marking huge, historic steps.

The economy is (slowly) rebounding, too, he said. If Tea Party stalwarts were watching (as likely as seeing Charlie Sheen in church), they’d be up in arms.

Whether you buy what he’s selling or not, Obama played the serious guy on the funny network, something he’s done approximately 4,596 times before.

If anyone morphed a bit Wednesday it was Stewart, just days before his Rally to Restore Sanity. Gone were his droll one-liners and trademark sarcasm.

What we saw was presidential interviewer, taking the moment seriously, asking serious questions, even calling the U.S. President “timid” at one point.

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Stewart called out the president for not being stronger at times, and questioned his health care reform bill, which has been a lightning rod for criticism.

Like him or not, he didn’t let Obama simply talk, he questioned him and got a few answers, even though they essentially agree on most major issues.

Of course, Stewart clearly felt comfortable with him, and vice versa, because he knows he is still looked favorably upon there. More so than most places.

Here’s part one of the Stewart-Obama Q&A

Obama on The Daily Show