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Dwight Howard is a multiple-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year. He rarely needs help on the court to stop an opposing team from scoring.

But the Orlando Magic center will soon need help in the court to stop his baby mama from limiting the amount of time Howard can spend alone with his son.

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He refers to himself as Superman on the court. But Dwight Howard’s baby mama wants him to be a super father.

It all started two weeks ago, when Howard picked up his two-year old from preschool. Ex-girlfriend Royce Reed actually called the cops on the NBA star as a result of this action because it wasn’t part of their custody arrangement.

Now, Reed has filed a motion in Florida that claims Howard often misses scheduled visitations with their son also alleges that the toddler “acts out emotionally and physically and resists being taken by” Dwight’s nanny.

Reed has asked the court to appoint a guardian to ensure Howard follows the rules of their custody deal and to protect the couple’s son.

This isn’t the first time Dwight and his baby mama have clashed. He filed a lawsuit against her in December because she referred to him as a “douchebag” on national television.