Oksana Grigorieva Declares PR War on Mel Gibson

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When your ex-boyfriend goes on insane rants, is being investigated for beating you up, and is a wildly unstable, hate-filled individual overall, yet maintains a two-to-one advantage over you in the court of public opinion, you have an image problem.

Oksana Grigorieva wants to change this.

TEAM OKSANA: Grigorieva can't believe Team Mel is winning.

Mel Gibson's estranged baby mama is meeting Tuesday with her new dream team of lawyers, with resurrecting her image serving as the #1 objective.

Despite all the things that have been said about Mel - and that Mel has said himself, on tape - Oksana is hardly seen as a sympathetic victim in all this.

Correctly, Oksana believes she is losing the public relations war to Mel, despite the actor's erratic tendencies, and wants her lawyers to turn it around.

Lawyers are working for her child support efforts, her lawsuit against Mel, the domestic violence case against him and the extortion probe against her.

But Oksana Grigorieva thinks turning around the PR fight is key to winning more important battles, and may not be far off. Many peeps hate her hard.

Abuse or no abuse, people see her as a gold-digging liar who secretly recorded a beloved star, then leaked the tapes to ruin his image. Shady stuff.


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