Friends Confirms the Obvious: Jesse James Has Moved On

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A source has broken the following news to People magazine: Jesse James has "moved on."

Next, we can only assume this same insider confirms that Danielle Staub is mentally unbalanced and Karissa Shannon likes attention.

Jesse and His Kat

Based on his hat and his girlfriend, Jesse James has poor taste in football teams and women.

But back to James. Speaking to the aforementioned publication, an anonymous friend was asked about Jesse's relationship with Kate Von D and replied:

"My guess is that he's realizing he won't get another chance with Sandra and has given up on that. [Jesse and Kat] have known each other for a while. I think the opportunity presented itself with neither of them being involved with anyone and it happened."

James has moved to Austin In Texas, where his children are enrolled in school. The source says this cheating liar is content with his privacy there.

"Most of the parents don't even know who he is. He is like any other parent."