Behind the Scenes with Jasmine Villegas...

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She may be hated on by every female under the age of 18, but Jasmine Villegas is giving folks a chance to get to know her in the following video.

Currently on tour with Justin Bieber, her rumored boyfriend (based on this photographic evidence), Jasmine plays and dances around behind the scenes in this 90-second sneak peek at life as an artist on the road.

Watch Villegas shake her hips and gyrate her chest on stage for a few seconds, moves that Bieber likely experiences for a lot longer behind closed doors. Sorry, gals...

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Jasmine Villegas Biography

Wild Haired
Who is Jasmine Villegas? A 16-year old singer who made many headlines in September of 2010. First, it was announced that she'd serve as... More »
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Jasmine Villegas