Angelina Jolie to Brad Pitt: How Could You?!?!

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One week after the completely bogus bombshell scandal was concocted broke, Famous magazine, which apparently exists, has the latest on how Angelina Jolie is reacting to the false devastating revelation that Brad Pitt cheated on her.

Her response, quite simply: How could you DO THIS?!

It's a fair question. How could Brad Pitt cheat on her? Regardless of his response to this fake drama, a broken and desperate Angelina Jolie vows to get through it.

The celebrity gossip publication alleges new details about why Racine, the French flight attendant who allegedly railed Brad at 35,000 feet, spoke out.

What we're more interested in, though, is how many years tabloids can print the same stories about the same stars and the same "shocking" scandals.

Seriously, this is like the 23rd Brangelina cheating rumor and they've broken up at least 14 times prior to this. Sorry if we're not blown away, Famous.

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