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In an effort to separate truth from fiction, the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department has contacted Oksana Grigorieva’s former lawyer to see if she said inconsistent or incriminating things during her custody mediation with Mel Gibson.

Attorney Eric George will be asked about both Oksana’s brutality claims against Mel as well as the actor’s allegation that his ex is trying to extort him.

George is allowed to and will discuss what occurred during the mediation. Private conversations with Oksana are protected by attorney-client privilege.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that investigators are particularly interested in what Oksana is reportedly claiming now, but failed to claim in May:

  • She never mentioned, nor produced that alleged black eye photo
  • She never expressed concern that Mel was a threat to baby Lucia
  • She never said Mel threatened to kill her, her son, Lucia, or himself

Mel is a deeply disturbed human – but do Oksana’s allegations against him add up, or does she have an ulterior motive? That’s what police are trying to sort out.

Investigators also want to get to the bottom of texts Oksana allegedly sent Mel a few months ago – saying she taped his phone calls because he was “not taking care of her.” She claimed last week she did so because she feared for her life.

Mel’s camp claims it has hard proof Oksana left evidence showing she was holding the Mel Gibson tapes over his head – the texts may be the key.

George was the attorney who negotiated a $15 million custody and confidentiality settlement package for Oksana, which she later disavowed.

The situation is so bizarre, it’s no wonder officials are having trouble sorting it out.

Gibson’s rants paint a disturbing image, yet the deluge of additional “evidence” she claims – the abuse pics, that Mel hit his two sons – is highly questionable.

Whose side are you on?