Octomom Pens Autobiography, Apocalpyse Nears

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Nadya Suleman, mother of 14? We know her. Nadya Suleman, drain on society? She's familiar to us too. Nadya Suleman, best-selling author? WTF!

It's true. Octomom has just finished an autobiography of her extraordinary existence as a tax dollar vacuum, mother of octuplets and six other kids.

The one potential snag? No one wants to publish it. This restores our faith in society somewhat, although we expect someone will eventually cave.

Nadya has been shopping her book around to publishers, but no one has offered her a publication deal that she wants to go with,” a source said.

“She has been talking with publishers, but is not nearing a deal."

Since she's living hand to mouth, she might want to jump at one.

Suleman Stizzyle

“She is holding out because she feels like her personal story is [more lucrative] and worth a lot more than anyone is even interested in paying.”

In 2009, Nadya’s lawyer Jeff Czech confirmed that Wendy Leigh would be ghost writing the book, but Leigh was later said to have quit the job.

“She agreed to write, but once she found out the pay and conditions Nadya Suleman insisted on, she quit working with her,” a source added.

Leigh declined to comment on her relationship with Nads.

Nadya has written the entire book by herself, but doesn’t reveal the identity of the man she says was the sperm donor for all 14 of her kids.

She is also keeping the book title a secret: “She thinks it is clever and will make people want to buy the book.” Some proposed titles ...

  • My Life as a Whale
  • Watch Your Back, Duggars
  • Bilking California Taxpayers: A Memoir
  • Fourteen Kids, One Vagina: A True Story
  • 15 Minutes of Fame, 14 Kids at Home: My Story

Nadya Suleman Biography

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Nadya Suleman, a.k.a. Octomom, is an attention-loving, certifiably insane lady who gained international attention when she gave birth to... More »
Fullerton, California
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Nadya Denise Suleman