More Mel Gibson Text Messages: Pure Rage

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Mel Gibson's phone calls and voicemails have painted a picture of the actor we'll never be able to forget. It's amazing that people with such hatred and anger issues exist in this world at all, let alone that one is an all-time movie star.

The menacing tone and remarks during approximately 30 calls he made to Oksana Grigorieva February 18 provide ample proof that he abused her, she claims. That's debatable, but the guy clearly needs some serious help.

In the aftermath of Mel's meltdown, he seemed to know it, too. Mel allegedly sent his ex-girlfriend and the mother of baby daughter Lucia these texts:

  • "Your goddamn mailbox is full! Hear you are at Sherman Oaks."
  • "Safe is best!"
  • "I'm drowning in self doubt and depression. And pure rage."
  • "I'm just not digging it. Every minute like an agonized eternity. F*%k!"

Mel Gibson: Just not digging Oksana Grigorieva.

Once again, it proves little other than how disturbed he is. But whatever happened that day, the "safe is best" line was interpreted as a threat by Oksana.

"She left his Malibu house after a fight and went back to the house in Sherman Oaks," a source said. "Mel was abusive, threatening, full of rage. When he said, 'safe is best,' Oksana knew that meant she would only be safe away from him."

"She was scared ... After all, she said he had already beaten her once."

Oksana alleges that Mel punched her in the mouth and left temple on January 6, while she was holding baby Lucia. She has photographic evidence backing up damage to her mouth and also photos showing bruising around her eye.

She alleges she saw Mel hit his son and that he threw a TV at his wife.

While not denying it's his voice on the phone tapes, Mel's attorneys have denied that he committed any acts of physical violence, questioned the validity of the photos, as well as Oksana's motives, alleging she is trying to extort the star.

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