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The Mel Gibson tapes are just insane. They’d be absolutely wild, disturbing stuff from any person, let alone one of the biggest movie stars in history.

That said, two big questions remain unanswered: 1. Did he actually abuse Oksana Grigorieva, as she alleges? 2. What the HELL made him so crazy?!

Investigators probing Mel for domestic violence are examining a secret email he sent Oksana that may offer an explanation for his erratic behavior.

The email, sent the day after the alleged, violent January 6 confrontation with his then-girlfriend, reads: “The tranqullizers (sic) only make me nuts.”

Is this an apparent reference to pharmaceutical drug use?

“Tranquilizers” could refer to any number of things, from depressants used to treat anxiety and insomnia to drugs aiding substance withdrawal.

The actor was trying to quit smoking then, and on February 18, when ALL the now-infamous Mel Gibson phone calls were recorded by Oksana.

If authentic, the email obtained today by Radar Online could shed new light on the psychological state of the troubled star and his pure rage.

The message was supposedly retrieved from Oksana’s phone and computer, confiscated as part of the criminal probe underway involving Gibson.

Mel supposedly sent the email January 7 at 9:39 a.m. The night before, Oksana has claimed, Mel punched her while she was holding baby Lucia.

Mel’s lawyers have never addressed the tapes or his comments, but say that he ever struck Oksana Grigorieva and have accused her of extortion.

Eleven minutes after he sent that, Mel apologetically wrote again, pleading with her to call so he could tell her “how unspeakably sorry” he was.