Lindsay Lohan to Pen Jailhouse Memoir

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When you're a criminal sentenced to hard time, you rely on your innermost thoughts, your sheer will to get you through each day until freedom is yours at last.

For Lindsay Lohan, the 13 days she spent in lockup were harrowing, but documenting the experience on paper helped her survive to see the light of day again.

The troubled actress used her time behind bars to brush up on writing, one of her favorite hobbies, and now she plans on trying to turn the works into a profit.

Hey, gotta pay the legal fees somehow. Shawn Chapman Holley doesn't work pro bono. We just hope she cleans up her language since her last writing effort.

Courtrooms and jail give a thug a lot of time to think.

Lynwood Correctional Facility sources say Lohan filled up several notebooks during her incarceration ... documenting "every single thing about her life" in jail.

Visits by Samantha Ronson, living among murderers. It's all in there. Now the star hopes that she can eventually turn this insightful "journal" into a book.

In addition to the banality of prison life, Lohan wrote about everything from scarred relationships with her family to the dreams she had. Eh, we'd read it.

Lohan was released from jail in the wee hours of Monday morning and is already in rehab at UCLA Medical Center. The question: Can she stay clean?

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