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“Levi Johnston is to Sarah Palin what voicemail is to Mel Gibson.” – Jimmy Kimmel

Having recently announced his bid for mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, his hometown of 11,000 people, 20-year-old Levi Johnston is making the media rounds.

On Thursday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, the newly-minted political candidate was showered with praise – not to mention a collection of great campaign gear.

Kimmel showcased a blue baseball cap saying “The Thrilla from Wasilla” along with a red, white and blue pin with “Wassup Wasilla?” emblazoned on it.

A bumper sticker read “Elect me Mayor or I’ll Date all Your Daughters” and a yard sign proclaimed: “Levi for Mayor – I’ll Do the Job Naked.” Hilarious.

Kimmel did offer some cautionary words to the boy who would be mayor.

“Listen, when you’re mayor, there are gonna be debates,” Jimmy said. “There are gonna potentially be shootings when Sarah finds out … it’s gonna be really bad!”

But Kimmel said he’d love a spot on the campaign team of Johnston, saying “The one thing I want to congratulate you on is … the torment that you’ve caused.”

It is quite an accomplishment. “So whaddya think? Can I be part of the team?” Kimmel asked. “I think I might make you campaign manager,” Johnston replied.

As for potential votes from the family of two-time ex-fiancee Bristol Palin, he’s not counting on them. In fact, he says he’d be shown the door in two seconds.

After his latest breakup with Bristol, he says, “I think they kinda kicked me out now … permanently.” Hey, at least some Alaskans aren’t fans of Sarah, either.

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Levi Johnston on Jimmy Kimmel Live: Part I

Would you elect Levi Johnston mayor?

Would you elect Levi Johnston mayor?

Would you elect Levi Johnston mayor?