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Dr. Conrad Murray is due in court for a hearing in his manslaughter today, and Michael Jackson fans with no apparent lives are going to be there in force.

An army of MJ fans are planning a protest, says a rep for Justice4MJ, the fan group planning the demonstration. Scores of Jackson fans plan to attend.

It’s going down on the freeway overpass near the L.A. courthouse.

When the hearing for the late icon’s embattled physician ends, the protesters plan to march from the courthouse, then quickly split for the overpasses as he exits.

HAVE A HEART: Protesters likely will not this afternoon.

They will thus bid Dr. Murray adieu as he drives off in less than friendly fashion, although we’re guessing his potential jail sentence is a bigger concern.

What does Justice4MJ hope to accomplish here, honestly? What are we protesting? Murray, don’t forget, was charged with involuntary manslaughter.

That is justice, is it not? Even Joe Jackson has said that fans should back off Murray, and if Joe Jackson is urging restraint … well you get the idea.