LeBron James Delivers Most Overt Eff You in Sports History, Joins Miami Heat

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A man is claiming to be the father of LeBron James.

A former teammate may have slept with his mother.

But this NBA superstar is facing a problem of a different kind now: he's become one of the most hated athletes in all of professional sports.

The 25-year old free agent left the Cleveland Cavaliers tonight and joined up with fellow stars Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh on the Miami Heat. In one sense, it's a selfless act: James took less money to sign with Miami and is choosing to subjugate all personal achievements (scoring titles, MVPs, etc.) for the sake of a championship (or six).

But why make make the announcement on a primetime ESPN special?!? Having spurned his hometown via such a public, self-serving spectacle, James should prepare to be booed out of almost every arena in which he plays next season.

Ill-Fated Pep Rally Pic

Fans in Cleveland are already burning LeBron James' jerseys in the streets, and it's hard to blame them. James may win an abundance of titles now, but he'll never have done so as the established leader on his own team.

Is that a decision Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan ever would make?

Sports fans will be debating this for months. What do you think? LeBron signing with Miami is...