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Calvin Murphy, an NBA Hall of Famer, has renewed the fervor over the rumor that Delonte West did LeBron James’ mom Gloria by apparently corroborating it.

Murphy says Gloria James did in fact have sex with Delonte West – despite LeBron and Gloria James’ lawyer saying that the West rumor is completely untrue.

The legend, who has no connection to the situation but seems well-versed, insists James’ mom was nailed by Delonte West, his Cleveland Cavaliers teammate.

“It ain’t no rumor … it’s absolutely true. My sources – and they’re legit sources – say the only people that didn’t know were LeBron and me,” Murphy told ESPN.

“Delonte West is going to get what they call the old proverbial blackball,” he adds. “I cannot imagine him being on my team. One of us is going to be in jail.”

“They was doing the horizontal poker. It is absolutely horrifying for someone to be a scuzz bucket and do something like that. I’m talking about both of them.”

The question lingers … Delonte West nail LeBron James’ mom?

There was a cease and desist order to Terez Owens, the site that printed the rumor, but the site has stood by it so far, saying it’s just reporting the news.

Murphy says it clearly affected James’ play this postseason, and may result in him leaving Cleveland: “There’s something wrong with him, sight unseen.”

“I didn’t see the camaraderie. He’s gone from Cleveland. There is no way you can sugarcoat this situation. This situation will change LeBron’s direction.”

Murphy goes on to say, “He supposedly found out about this during Game 4 of the playoffs. I made the statement on the air that it seemed like he quit.”

“I don’t know how you weather that storm – [but LeBron knows how] especially when everybody knew. Who had the audacity to make the first move? I was told there was another party out there,” Calvin Murphy continued.

Is he implying that another player was also involved? Regardless, Murphy, who has 14 children by nine women, says this affair was too much – even for him.

“I understand about broken family situations, I’ve done terrible things in my time, but home slice couldn’t holler … Delonte is supposed to be LeBron’s boy.”

Where will LeBron James end up?