Kristin Cavallari: The Hills is Basically All Fake

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Say it ain’t so ... even though we already basically knew! Kristin Cavallari confesses that the relationships you see on The Hills are - gasp - not exactly real. At all.

“Nothing you see on TV is real,” the 23-year-old tells People.

“Fans need to understand that it’s all entertainment," she adds. "It’s all in fun. I would never actually put my close friends or a real relationship on a show.”

Right ... why would a reality show be at all real. Obviously. Gotta love throwing your employer under the bus so blatantly. LeBron James would be proud.

That's basically what's going on here.

After almost a whole season in which Kristin has pined longingly for her ex Brody Jenner, she confesses that just maybe, that wasn't completely genuine.

FAKING IT: Kristin does with all the guys. On The Hills, that is.

Gee, you're kidding. Maybe we would be caught more off guard if we didn't know he was dating Avril Lavigne and she was with cameraman Miguel Medina.

There was also the whole Justin-Bobby thing from last season, which we were expected to buy, as if she would ever hang out with that loser in real life.

But we digress.

It was the "lightheartedness" that drew her back to reality TV after Laguna Beach, she says: “I was hurt by the way I was portrayed on Laguna Beach."

"So I took a break from that kind of stuff ... But when I decided to come back and do The Hills, I told myself that it’s just a job. It’s all work. It’s all fun.”

Indeed. Just don't take it the slightest bit seriously.

She says she won't dish further out of respect for fans: “I have such great fans, and I think a lot of them take the show seriously," Kristin Cavallari says.

"I don’t want to change their views," the supposed vixen adds. "Besides, since I want to be a producer, I don’t want to give away any production secrets.”

Producer of what? Cavallari has two reality shows in the works:“One will have similarities to The Hills, and one about fashion with some competition.”

As far tonight's The Hills series finale goes, it doesn’t sound like Cavallari has any regrets about her two-season stint on the long-running bogus MTV show.

“I feel like we all ended on a high note, we all had a great time, and I plan to stay friends with pretty much everyone,” she says - including Lauren Conrad.

“I just saw Lauren on Saturday at The Hills wrap party,” Cavallari says. “It was good to see her. When we see each other, we say hi and catch up a bit.”

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