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Did Mel Gibson assault Oksana Grigorieva? Police are investigating that matter, but at least right now, a judge doesn’t think he poses a threat to his daughter.

Sources connected with the case say the sworn declaration by Robyn Gibson, Mel’s wife of 28 years, was “powerful evidence” in Thursday’s court proceedings.

Robyn, who split with Mel right around the time he began dating Oksana, swore under oath Mel never physically abused her or their seven kids in 28 years.

The testimony from Robyn resonated with Judge Scott Gordon, a former prosecutor in the L.A. County D.A.’s Office who specialized in domestic violence.

Believing that a man who commits violence against a woman will do so with everyone he’s involved with, Gordon felt Mel posed no danger to his daughter.

Oksana Grigorieva’s secret recordings of Mel Gibson losing it on the phone may have tarnished his reputation, but officials are unsure if he abused her physically.

Robyn’s defense of the actor, along with inconsistencies suggesting the now-infamous Mel Gibson tapes were somehow altered, kept the status quo in place.

The investigation into Gibson’s conduct is ongoing, but for now, the star will retain visitation rights with baby Lucia as well as one overnight a week.

Oksana, who claims he hit her twice, has primary custody.

As for the alleged Oksana Grigorieva abuse photo she says proves he punched her in the face, police aren’t sure her story adds up – nor is her dentist.

Dr. Ross Shelden’s medical charts, photos and examination raise serious questions about her injuries – he sees no evidence Oksana was hit in the mouth. 

However, he does see evidence of a different scenario

According to TMZ, Dr. Shelden believes Oksana may have been struck in the left temple, which caused her to bite down so hard, one veneer was completely knocked out and another was damaged. The charts show Oksana’s teeth were fully intact.

Dr. Shelden observed a bruise on Oksana’s left temple, but the photos he took in his office show no such bruising. The doctor’s explanation – Oksana was reluctant to have her picture taken and covered up the bruising with hair and makeup.

Oksana told the dentist that Gibson assaulted her.

As for the mouth, Dr. Shelden’s charts reflect two bite marks on the inside of the lower lip – no swelling or bruising consistent with a punch to the mouth but perhaps instead, marks consistent with “a chain reaction” after a blow to the temple.

There is nothing in the records indicating whether or not the doctor believes Oksana’s wounds may have been self-inflicted, as some have theorized.

Gibson’s lawyers deny he ever attacked Oksana.