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So close.

Eclipse came ever so close to knocking Spider-Man 2 from its top perch and establishing a new box office record for a film’s first six days in release.

Alas, the third Twilight Saga installment will have to settle for a mere $175 million in domestic earnings so far.

That figure actually falls short of New Moon‘s opening six-day haul, as it grossed $178 million in less than a week. Still, Eclipse has set a quartet of benchmarks:

  1. Biggest midnight gross of all-time.
  2. Biggest Wednesday ever.
  3. Widest release in cinematic history.
  4. Loudest screams from fans in attendance.

Despite a mixed bag of reviews, the movie has made over $275 million worldwide.

While Toy Story 3 continues to bring in the bucks, we’d be surprised if Eclipse wasn’t the highest-grossing film of the summer when all is said and done. Instead of staring each other down, Jacob and Edward should really be high-fiving in the photo above.