Dude Suing LeBron is Full of it, Brother Says

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LeBron James sucks.

There's simply no other way to sum up the actions of a guy who held the NBA hostage during a self-glorifying free agency tour, only to really screw over Cleveland and join the Miami Heat in a gratuitous television "event" last night.

Fortunately for James, the guy suing him claiming to be his dad is also getting flack today, from his own brother no less. Not surprisingly, his story has holes.

The younger brother of Leicester Bryce Stovell, "Junior" Stovell, says "something's a little fishy" about Leicester's allegations that he fathered LeBron James.

Leicester filed a lawsuit against LeBron and his mother Gloria James, claiming they tampered with DNA evidence that could prove he's the NBA star's daddy.

What would this guy gain from being LeBron's dad? It's unclear.

In any case, "Junior" says that his family has been "joking" about the situation ever since Leicester suggested he was the dad a few years ago, but notes that Leicester “believes in his own mind” that his story of impregnating Gloria is legitimate.

As for why "Junior" thinks the story is fishy ... he tells TMZ that "Leicester never mentioned anything about LeBron being his son until LeBron became the king."

Go figure.

LeBron's camp has strongly rejected Leicester's claim, calling him a "money grubber" and saying his lawsuit was timed perfectly to steal attention from James.

What do you think of LeBron's decision to bolt for Miami?