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Always treading dangerously, has Whitney Port and Roxy Olin’s professional relationship finally hit the skids – and is Olivia Palermo halfway competent?

These unexpected developments made for an interesting episode of The City as our girls wrestled with increasingly high stakes in their career pursuits.

Here’s THG’s plus-minus recap

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Joe asks Olivia to interview Prabul Gurung for the Martha Stewart segment they’re doing. Olivia says she knows what she is doing. Doubtful. Minus 2.

Kelly’s friend Jian is launching Canadian musician Lights but they’ve just been robbed and needs looks for her tour. Whitney Eve to the rescue! Plus 4.

The only problem? Asking Roxy to oversee this. Whitney suggests they go through the lookbook together, but Roxy Olin says she’s got it solo. Minus 3.

CITY LIGHTS: Whitney’s hopes dimmed a little, while Olivia shined.

At Prabul’s showroom, Olivia suggests a look Joe and Prabul love. Prabul pulls out a white dress and suggests Olivia wear it on the red carpet. Plus 5.

Roxy tries to get Lights interested in Whitney’s clothes, but she’s hesitant. Roxy does get her to take a Whitney Eve jacket to wear on stage. Plus 4.

At the show, Whitney’s joy becomes horror when Lights walks on stage wearing the jacket, but instantly drops it in a sad heap on the floor. Minus 9.

Wearing Prabul, Olivia Palermo looks stunning in the dress, Joe says as he praises her in front of Rachel Roy and editor-in-chief Robbie. Wow. Plus 6.

Whitney Port is pissed, but Roxy says she can’t force Lights to wear things. Plus 5, because Whitney rightfully says she got nothing out of the night.

Roxy says she has no control over how someone wears clothes, and Whit questions why they work together. Minus 7, because so have we for weeks.

Port adds she’s “constantly disappointed,” prompting Roxy to say she can’t win and wants to move. “Then move out” says Whitney. Backbone! Plus 10.

At Elle, Joe lavishes praise on Olivia for her work “Total star… I’m so glad you can all pitch in and get things done.” Okay, that’s a little much. Minus 3.

Erin Kaplan thanks Joe for his kind words but ignores Olivia’s part in it. These girls are so passive-aggressively bitter, it’s fantastic. Plus 8.

TOTAL: +18. SEASON: -12.