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As if 100 different shoes, a Barney’s wardrobe, an $850 purse and eating only with chopsticks weren’t ridiculous enough, Suri Cruise just got her very own iPad!

According to a hilarious report, Suri not only has one, she playsed with the thing while at dinner at Il Cantinori in NYC, too. These celebrity kids. Just no respect.

An eyewitness says Suri put her stuffed animals aside to use a drawing program on the expensive piece of equipment while Tom and Katie chatted with friends.

The Scientolospawn, who just turned four, played with the iPad for about 20 minutes before the family headed out of the restaurant just before midnight.

Suri Cruise Selfie

Definitely an appropriate bedtime for a toddler.

Suri Cruise … so stylish and tech-savvy.

According to reports, iPads are sold out in many locations and the waiting list keeps growing for the new product, of which 2 million have been sold since April 3.

Good to see Suri is up on the trends. We just hope she gets Katie to show her how to sync the iPad up with her iPod, iTouch and iPhone … can get a little tricky.