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A Los Angeles stripper claims the embattled Dr. Conrad Murray brought her home from Sam’s Hof Brau strip club weeks before Michael Jackson died last June.

Whether that’s true, or what bearing it had on Murray’s treatment of Jackson that fateful morning is completely unclear, but Joe Jackson sees a connection.

Michael’s crazy dad and his lawyer, Brian Oxman, will interview a stripper who not only claims Dr. Murray was at the strip club hours before Michael Jackson died, but that she was at Michael Jackson’s house after being invited by the doctor.

The stripper, who claims she was working at Sam’s Hof Brau on June 24, 2009, says that Dr. Conrad Murray was at the club drinking just before midnight.

Dr. Conrad Murray’s actions are under even more scrutiny.

Oxman, who is repping Joe in his wrongful death lawsuit against Murray, who faces involuntary manslaughter charges, has spoken with the stripper’s “rep.”

The stripper claims that weeks before Jackson died, Dr. Murray invited her to Jackson’s home in Holmby Hills. She claims she went late one night, after the club closed, and Murray’s patient, the King of Pop himself, was there, in a deep sleep.

In Oxman’s letter of intent to sue Dr. Murray for the wrongful death of Jackson, he accused the doctor of drinking at Sam’s Hof Brau before treating MJ.

Dr. Murray’s reps have strongly denied he was at the club on June 24, and even more adamantly, have said that the doctor does not drink … period.

The death of Michael Jackson took place June 25, 2009.