Spencer Pratt Speaks on Heidi Montag Separation

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Spencer Pratt issued his first comments on his separation from Heidi Montag yesterday, but that's almost less noteworthy than his mountain man militia garb.

No word on whether Spencer is training for or why he wore heavy gear, a walkie talkie and a water bottle in the middle of the L.A. metro area, but no matter.

Speaking to TMZ for the first time since his split with Heidi Montag, the man seemed rather out of his element, like he'd finally met a story he couldn't control.

At one point, Spencer Pratt even uttered two foreign words - no comment - when asked about the separation. He says Heidi moved out and he's in the dark.

When and if he's served divorce papers, Spencer says he'll have an opinion on the subject. For now, he learns about Heidi from the media, just like we do.

Spencer Pratt: Militia Man

MALIBU MILITIA: Spencer Pratt looks to be training for some form of combat as he sprints down a trail. Lose the hat, man. [Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

The bearded, ring-clad 26-year-old did say that Heidi is still his ideal mate, and hopes for a reconciliation after time apart. But will her new show change his mind?

Spencer insinuated that Jennifer Bunney is using Montag to get famous, and that if their new "girl time" show involves them going to clubs trolling for guys? Well ...

A man's gotta move on at some point. You can tell from his video interview that for once in his life, he doesn't know what to say. Makes one think the split is real.

Flanked by an unnamed friend, Spencer also claims he's running out of cash, but at least his credit cards still work. Hang in there, man. We're all pulling for you.

Whose side are you on?

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