Bruce Beresford-Redman to Friends: Help!

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Bruce Beresford-Redman stands accused of murdering his wife.

But the TV producer claims he's innocent, and is now asking friends to help him prove it.

In a mass email obtained by TMZ, Beresford-Redman writes to acquaintances and requests their assistance in convincing a Mexican judge that he deserves bail. Bruce writes:

" wife Monica was killed on our recent trip to Mexico, and now unfortunately, the Mexican authorities have decided to charge me with the crime. I am innocent and intend to fight in court both here and in Mexico."

Bruce Beresford-Redman Letter

Bruce and Monica had two children, and Beresford-Redman cites their well-being when adding:

"As I am likely to be detained in the U.S. while fighting extradition, I am asking you if you are willing to write a letter on my behalf.  Your letters will likely help me secure bail so that I can be home with my children while fighting extradition."

It's hard to imagine what any friend could say about this man - the only suspect in his wife's death, authorities have said - that would result in any bail. Sadly, though, stranger things have happened in the justice system.