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Gary Coleman’s ex-wife Shannon Price is speaking out, defending her actions the day of his eventually fatal fall as well as her decision to take him off life support.

Calling Coleman her spouse – even though they were secretly divorced – Price tells TMZ indignantly: “Why would I want to kill my husband? Are you kidding me?”

Strangely, Price said that she’s heard speculation that she pushed Gary, which caused him to fall and his brain to hemorrhage. Price insists she didn’t push Gary.

As she said during the Gary Coleman 911 call, Shannon adds that the two of them were on different floors at the time he fell, so how could she have pushed him?

An odd statement, since no one has actually accused her of this.

Shannon Price married the former child star in 2007 and divorced him in 2008. She adamantly denies pushing Gary Coleman, which no one suggested happened.

Of her decision to pull the plug on the life support machines keeping Coleman alive, Shannon says she didn’t want Gary to be like Muhammad Ali or Terri Schiavo.

“The doctors told me that even if they had done surgery on him, he would have bled to death and died during surgery … if they took a chunk out of his brain, he would not be the same. He would be like Muhammad Ali.”

“It would have been so traumatic.”

She wants us to put ourselves in her position. Admittedly, it’s a position no one should ever have to endure, yet something about her conduct seems a little off.

On a happier note, Shannon Price fondly mentions that Gary Coleman did a lot for her, like buy her a car. Of his own volition. That was, like, really nice of him.